Sunday, May 15, 2011

H Music makes cover story of online magazine

H Music's Linnette Harrigan
Fri, May 13, 2011

Record Stores are closing across the country faster than you can say “iTunes”. It is a sign of the times; technology has come in one fell swoop and has changed the music business. What does a new artist or even a veteran artist do in these shifting times? Linnette Harrigan, a music & media entrepreneur figured it out. Linnette Harrigan is responsible for H Music Inc. and it was not by accident but inevitable considering from an early age she kept finding herself confronted with opportunities to be a part of the music world. Coming from a musical family in the Virgin Islands is only the start, soon she found herself at MCA helping get Mary J Blige off the ground and then to MJJ Records (yes, Michael Jacksons label) to promote Brownstone. Linnette did everything from background vocals, songwriting to promotion, giving her a taste of both sides of the business. It was no mistake Linnette dabbled in so many areas of the music business because it ultimately allowed her to be relatable to all the artists she would soon help every single day. H Music Inc. is an independent music industry firm specializing in song placement, music marketing and management. H Music Inc. is ideal for an artist trying to adjust in these new times. H Music Inc. offers guidance, representation, consultation, publishing and the opportunity to put your music in front of executives that would take the average person years to accomplish. Offering a song of the month competition, where artist can submit their songs for little to nothing. If the song is chosen it will be pitched to film/music/TV networks for a period of time. Linnette says” now everything is connected, film/TV/music where once upon a time these things were all separate.” Record Labels are desperate to get money from artists now because of all these changes, Linnette adds “once upon a time artists were dependent upon record labels, H Music Inc. allows an artist to learn to be independent.” “The internet allows your music to be heard all over the world without having a CD”, Linnette admits so H Music Inc. help guides the upcoming artist to navigate thru this new world. The services H Music Inc. offers are personal and intimate, geared to an individual artist. Not only is it a much needed service for today’s times but the fact that Linnette offers these services for minimal costs only goes to show the genuine concern she has for her business and making sure good music gets to be heard. Linnette confesses learning all the aspects of making this business operable was not an easy task but knew this was her task to accomplish. H Music Inc. is working on another wing of their business, production. Film/TV/Reality Show production is something that is in the works and with Linnette Harrigan’s dedication apparent I am sure it will be a success. Linnette says “it is sad that times have made record stores, CDs a thing of the past but you can turn it into a good thing when you know how to adjust to trends”. H Music Inc. has thankfully adjusted for those who cannot. Visit for more information.