Wednesday, August 8, 2012

H Music Songs Featured In Award-Winning Web-Series

H Music is very happy to work with the Award-winning web series,"Breaking Point," for an entire season of episodes.

The Web series is a popular drama/soap opera following a group of friends as they deal with extraordinary drama of their everyday lives.

 Five songs from the H Music Catalog (listed below)  play in the background of the Season Finale:

You’re Stupid
Performed by Neenah Taylor
Written by  Neenah Taylor & Brandon Jarrett
TIMECODE:  2:10:18 – 3:35:01

Only One
Written & Performed by Pazelee
TIMECODE:  7:04:20 – 7:55:17

Best of Me
Written & Performed by Bullet Proof Messenger
TIMECODE:  8:15:22 – 10:03:15

Until He Knows
Written & Performed by Nina Zeitlin
Produced by Nina Zeitlin & Mike Devillis
TIMECODE:  6:36:13 – 11:35:04

What You Hear (O)
Written by Clifford Giddens
TIMECODE:  10:07:07 – 10:11:03